Member Lifecycle Management Solutions for Health and Fitness Clubs

Lead Generation


Capture leads through digital waivers, web forms and social media.


Schedule & automate follow-up tasks and track leads through the sales funnel to conversion.


Schedule Personal Communications For On boarding & Retention


Track performance against individual & club goals. Drill into important KPIs.

Fitness Clubs Sell More Memberships With Our Sales Lead Tracking Software

"We have total transparency in our business so we can hold staff to company expectations daily InTouch FollowUp gives your business total transparency! Our managers are trained to track live club data to always see what the clubs are doing, and where the focus needs to be. By having this information in our hands every minute of the day — that can also be accessed anywhere — we are able to have total clarity of our business so we can hold staff to company expectations daily."

- Jared Williams, Managing Partner of Dynamic Fitness

"InTouch FollowUp has definitely helped with improving our member retention Because InTouch FollowUp schedules follow-up calls and emails to our new members, we are able to make sure that the integration process is going well and that the new member is enjoying their experience. This has definitely helped with improving our retention. It also provides an opportunity to generate referral leads by inviting our new members to bring in their friends and co-workers on a regular basis. Overall, I am very happy that our membership team has embraced InTouch FollowUp and appreciate how it helps them to maximize all of our opportunities, while keeping them organized on a daily basis."

- Kathy Arena, Senior Membership Director of Healthworks Fitness Centers