About Our Club Management Software

We're InTouch Technology and we build sales and retention software for health and fitness clubs. Since inception, our goal has been to provide real-world solutions to solve the communication challenges that health and fitness clubs of all sizes face. Currently, health and fitness clubs worldwide use our software to proactively communicate with leads, personal training clients, and members to drive their sales.


The idea behind InTouch Technology was born after we saw family and friends struggling to get involved in a fitness program. We noticed that many health and fitness clubs weren't doing a great job of following up with our family and friends after they initially expressed interest in becoming a member - this led to lots of people not signing up. And for those who did join a club, there was very little communication after they signed up so they would eventually stop going to the gym and cancel their memberships. We wanted to do our part in helping people get active and saw a need in the health and fitness industry for a system that would help clubs sell more memberships and keep their existing members engaged after they signed up. In 2005 we founded the company and set out to build a solution specifically for health and fitness clubs to ensure that staff proactively communicated with all leads and members.


We are passionate about making a difference in the success of health and fitness clubs through cutting-edge technology, design, and super customer relationships. Because we focus solely on the health and fitness industry, our products and services have been completely built with health and fitness club workflows in mind. This makes our solutions easy-to-use and ensure that they work with your existing processes. Our management team boasts a combined 35+ years in the health and fitness industry so we understand the different types of end-users in a club and strive to make the software work seamlessly for each user. At InTouch, we feel that highly personalized experiences for all members are the key to club and member success. Our innovative solutions and dedication to service make us the ideal partner to help grow your club.

Meet The Management Team At InTouch Technology

We are a team of technology nuts, innovators and fitness enthusiasts. With a combined 35 years in the fitness industry we are dedicated to helping health and fitness clubs grow.

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Dana Milkie, President and CEO

As President and CEO of InTouch Technology, Dana Milkie is responsible for driving company growth through the successful implementation of InTouch’s short and long term business strategies. Passionate about the health and fitness industry, Dana’s move to InTouch was a natural fit. Since joining the company in 2016, Dana has been committed to addressing the changing needs of the industry by expanding InTouch’s software solution to include member acquisition, engagement and retention tools.

Dana is a recognized, seasoned veteran of the fitness industry with 30 years of professional experience. He has successfully helped both small and large businesses optimize their growth, resources and profitability strategies. As a respected and insightful representative of the industry, Dana has been interviewed and spoken extensively in industry focused publications including CBI, IHRSA, Club Solutions, Fitness Business Canada, Club Industry and many others. Prior to joining InTouch, Dana was Senior Vice President of Client Management with ABC Financial, responsible for the management of ABC’s industry leading customer portfolio. Additionally, he served as Senior Vice President of a multi-location franchise group.

Outside of InTouch, Dana sits on the Board of Directors of several companies. He currently serves as the President of The Foundation for Community Betterment, a national non-profit organization, dedicated to helping individuals and organizations with immediate and critical needs.

Bhakti Kshirsagar, Software Development Manager

Bhakti Kshirsagar is the Software Development Manager of InTouch Technology. She is responsible for overseeing the software development teams including Developers, Quality Assurance Testers and Business Analysts to create an efficient product development life cycle and ensure alignment with the product vision.

Bhakti has 11 years software development and management experience. She is a Certified Agile Scrum Master. Her previous experience involved software development, deep assessment of development practices, strategic planning and implementation for successful product delivery.


Caitlin Tupper, Client Solutions Manager

Caitlin Tupper is the Client Solutions Manager of InTouch Technology. She is responsible for overseeing product training, support and guidance to help clients obtain an optimal understanding and use of InTouch products and services. Caitlin has over 15 years experience the fitness industry. She has a BS in Kinesiology from James Madison and has held nearly every health club position from Fitness, Sales, Retention, Desk, Management, and more. Prior to joining the InTouch team in 2011, she was one of InTouch's first clients and has helped provide training for InTouch in various forms and fashions since 2006.

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Bart Budyn, Sales Manager

Bart Budyn is the Sales Manager at InTouch Technology. He is responsible for the company's sales efforts, strategies, forecasting, and ensuring the accuracy of the sales pipeline. As the bridge between InTouch and its clients, he works diligently to promote the company's products and services, while building and maintaining healthy, long-term relationships. Bart has over 10 years of experience in sales and consulting in the fitness industry. He has held various positions in the health club industry and prior to joining InTouch operated a small fitness studio.

Bruce Baxter, Product Manager

Bruce is the Product Manager at InTouch Technology. He has worked in the IT industry for over 12 years spanning large international companies such as Steria (now Sopra Steria), to smaller companies such as Arc'teryx. With broad experience across Quality Assurance and Business Analysis he works on InTouch's long term vision. This is then broken down into shorter term deliverables, informed by consulting with the market and understanding where technology is heading in the future. He works closely with the CEO and Development Manager to achieve this.


The Board Of Directors At InTouch Technology


Dag Lee

Dag Lee is the Chairman of the Board at InTouch Technology. He is also the co-founder of DBI Network, a global management consulting network uniquely combining focused consulting firms and industry-leading, independent advisors. He has a deep interest in growing businesses and creating value through good corporate governance and building dynamic teams. Dag holds numerous high-profile executive and non-executive roles across Europe and North America with companies such as Fitness World, Nile Experience & Service Design and FSN Capital, to mention a few. He is a former board of directors member at ACTIC, a leading fitness chain in Northern Europe, and he was CEO and deputy CEO of SATS, the largest fitness company in the Nordics, and one of the top European operators.


Nico Bot

Nico Bot is the CFO and Co-founder of InTouch Technology. Nico is a 25-year veteran of technology who is passionate about helping the Health & Fitness sector run healthier businesses. Prior to helping found InTouch Technology, Nico strategically directed large corporations in ERP business processes and held several senior technical-level positions at Baan, working with Europe’s largest manufacturing companies. Nico holds a Baan Consulting and Engineering Diploma and a Bachelor of Business from HEAO Rotterdam.

David Ragosa

David Ragosa

David Ragosa is a Co-founder of KRR Holdings, an alternative investment company which brings over 25 years of expertise to each venture they launch. In 2012, KRR Holdings made a bold move into the IT sector and InTouch Technology was brought into the portfolio. David currently sits on the Board of Directors at InTouch. Prior to founding KRR Holdings, David spent 20 years in the fitness and food industry.


Steve Traplin

Steve Traplin is the President and CEO of Sales Encore Inc., an independent management consulting company that helps companies achieve their revenue goals through practical, repeatable marketing and sales processes. Steve brings to bear proven methodologies and decades of direct management experience to help company leaders gain insight, establish clarity and focus and take decisive action. Having co-founded, financed, grown, and profitably exited a number of companies, he can relate personally and professionally to the challenges faced by companies when executing on growth strategies.