Capture All Your Leads With InTouch

InTouch helps you capture more leads. Never lose an opportunity again.

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Online Lead Capture

Capture leads through your website, Facebook and social media pages. Leads automatically flow into InTouch and allow for quick follow up and improved conversion rates.

Text Message Marketing

Include a text-in number on your advertising campaigns to generate more leads for your sales team. Contact details for leads who text-in are captured and automatically sent a text message reply.

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Kiosk (1)

Capture information, interests and waivers electronically.

Elevate your guest experience by having all your walk-ins electronically complete your guest courtesy card and waiver. Contact details are accurately captured and are automatically sent to InTouch.

Intuitive Lead Entry Forms for your Sales People

InTouch's lead entry forms make it easy for sales people to add new leads. Leads automatically flow into your club follow up communication. Whether on the phone or in person the forms guides your staff to capture the most important details.

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Find out how InTouch Technology solutions can help your health and fitness clubs generate and capture leads so you can close more sales.

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