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We provide a 1-on-1 online personal training experience that offers convenience, flexibility, and personalization.


Our programs and trainers are always at your fingertips.


Regardless of athletic ability, your trainer will create a program for you and your goals.

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1-on-1 online personal training puts a virtual trainer in your home. Get Healthy, get fit and overcome challenges!


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How It Works


Help Us Identify You

To get started, we will ask a few questions to understand your goals and how we can best help you achieve them.


Match You With A Trainer

One of our fitness consultants will call you for an introduction and then will match you with the right trainer that will design a program that is unique to your goals, lifestyle, experience, and ability.


Meet Your Trainer

Your trainer will contact you to set-up the initial assessment. This includes an assessment of goals, mobility, equipment and nutrition support.


Start Your Fitness Journey

Get your programming & nutrition and get started with your online fitness journey.


Get Results!

Be consisstent and put in the efforts to get the results you are after!


“My wife and I have been training with Emily for just shy of one year and absolutely love it!  She keeps us motivated, inspired and on track to keep us progressing towards greater health and fitness. We greatly appreciate that they are accepting of all people no matter what your abilities, limitations, goals or fitness level may be - they know how to work with what you’ve been given. They are always motivating and willing to help. It’s the people who make the place, both the staff and the clientele. Have tried other trainers in the past but this one is the one for us.” — Randy 

“Jason is absolutely the best trainer I have worked with! He is simply fantastic, helpful and friendly. It’s really like going to workout with your family. Love it!!” — Melissa 

"Since starting with David 3 months ago, I’ve lost 15 pounds of fat, gained lean muscle, and am now in the best shape in 10 years. Having routines that are varied and challenging keep it fresh, and the weekly touchpoints provide proof of progress." — Tom

Our Trainers



Emily is an award-winning certified personal trainer and group fitness Instructor with over 15 years’ experience in the fitness industry. Her personal training style focuses on weight loss, pain management, and rehab. She also holds a multitude of specialty certifications which she incorporates into her holistic fun and engaging client sessions. Her passion is to change lives, one client at a time.


Interests: Weightlifting, boxing, hiking.


ACE Certification

Group Fitness

Kettlebell/ TRX, Bulgarian Bag

Pre and Post Natal

FST Level 1



Jason integrates his knowledge of strength training, cardiovascular, core, and nutrition in designing an individualized, progressive program of exercises for his clients based on their fitness goals. His passion is to help clients of any fitness level get started and manifest their goals. On the off chance, you do not see him training in the gym, he is planning new and improved techniques of how to get his clients results.


Interests: Reading, life learner, and helping others.


ISSA Personal Training Certificate

ISSA Certified Nutritionist

Kettlebell Certified



David started off his fitness career as an Assistant Boxing Coach in 2009 whilst fighting in venues in BC Canada as an amateur boxer. After becoming a Certified Personal Trainer in 2011, David then started to focus on small group and one on one training, incorporating mobility, strengthening, nutritional coaching and boxing conditioning aspects into his custom-made sessions. This has helped produce dozens of successful stories of fat loss, muscle gain, and athletic performance results from his clients.

His motto is “Your workouts will be fun, purposeful, and educational! Let’s get going!”


Interests: Boxing/ Sparring, Olympic Lifting, Long bike rides.


TRX Certification

Active Isolated Stretching

NASM PT Certification

Certified Boxing Instructor




Josephine is certified by the Global Personal Training Academy through the British Columbia Personal Training Institute. She is also a certified practitioner of DotFIT nutrition and was a competitive equestrian athlete for 18 years; 10 of which, she spent training horses and teaching riders. As her passion for fitness began to grow in her personal fitness journey, Josephine made the decision to transition from equestrian training to health & wellness personal training.

Her goal is to have the most positive impact that she can on the lives of her clients; helping them become the healthiest, happiest versions of themselves. Her workout programs are customized to each individual client for top results and most importantly, to have FUN!

Let Josephine help you change your life in the most efficient and realistic way possible.


BCPTI Certification

Dotfit Nutrition Certification

First Aid/CPR



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