Time for a switch to the Online Fitness Marketing Growth Formula!

Imagine a daily flow of new members, leads, appointments and phone calls for more info about your club.
Automated and without giving away any discounts !

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Foundation: A Complete Marketing Funnel

We set up a complete Custom Marketing Funnel for your club or studio! A funnel that delivers confirmed appointments at your studio. An automated stream of leads, members, appointments and phone call without discounting!

Automation: Appointments & LeadConnect

Suppose you are already satisfied with the number of leads, but wouldn't you like to get 2 to 3 times more appointments and registrations from them? This marketing automation (automatic working marketing resources) is the solution!

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Optimization: Exclusive Coaching & Support Program

In business life, only one thing is important: stable and constant growth. Only then will you have a growing number of satisfied customers/members, deliver the right quality and be able to do business in a relaxed environment.

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Find out how InTouch Technology solutions can help your health and fitness clubs generate and capture leads so you can close more sales.

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