Create Supercharged Sales Presentations with InTouch Presents

Let your brand tell you story.


A Seamless Presentation Tool

Your club's sales presentation is crucial for converting new memberships & PT signups. InTouch's sales presentation tool, InTouch Presents, provides a supercharged, structured and configurable membership and PT presentation for your club staff.

Keep Your Presentation Structured and Consistent.

Create presentations for each promotion/campaign and ensure that the correct presentation is active. Get full control of one of the most important steps in your sales process.


Easy Setup and Access

InTouch Presents is easily setup and configured to your club's brand guidelines. Turn your creative ideas into a great-looking digital sales presentation that can include videos and online web-pages. Create your own custom slides and import into Presents or, if you’d like to save even more time, simply use our pre-designed template.

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Find out how InTouch Technology solutions can help your health and fitness clubs generate and capture leads so you can close more sales.

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