The Safe Way To Get Back To Business

• Social Distancing Compliance Monitoring
• Real-Time Capacity Control
• Real-Time Data Reporting
• Vendor and Consumer Feedback
• Notifications and Alerts
• Safe and Responsible Community Re-engagement


Is Your Gym Fit For Business?

Gym operators must address consumer concerns and get their members to understand the relationship between staying fit and maintaining a healthy immune system. They also, need to ensure them that their gym is not only fully compliant with federal and local requirements, but it is going above and beyond to ensure the safety of its patrons.

Your Eyes And Ears For Procedural Compliance.

We all know that its incredible processes that make amazing companies shine, especially in times of crisis. The ReGroup application helps you develop and monitor the processes that will make a difference to you, your staff and most importantly, your members. Here are just a few of the key features of ReGroup that will get your facility humming again:

• Member Notifications
Let members know when there's space available at gym.

• Member and Staff Tracking
Know when staff and members arrive and leave facility.

• Archived Compliance Data
Staff and member data archived for future reference.


Members View

Social distancing has proven itself to be the most effective way to keep people safe during these trying times. That's why The ReGroup application can provide your members with a real-time view of available gym access slots. This technology will significantly reduce unnecessary gathering at your facility and reduce the potential spread of viruses and other contagions.

• Real-Time View of Gym Capacity Status
Lets members know before they go.

• Touchless Check-in .
Just launch the ReGroup App and walk in! Done.
• Notices and Schedule Information
Keeps members and staff abreast of any compliance updates, facility rule changes, hours of operation, etc.

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